Academic enrichment and support

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Students at our Wadhurst campus can be managing major academic, social and emotional transitions. Throughout this period, our specialised staff strive to identify and support those who require new challenges to stay engaged with their studies, along with those having difficulty accessing aspects of our curriculum.

Extension through collaboration

At Wadhurst, highly capable students are identified and invited to participate in extension activities. This brings together those students who are interested in a specific area, creating opportunities for students to build new, healthy relationships with peers while strengthening their ability to collaborate.

Enrichment activities include participation in cross-disciplinary group competitions such as the da Vinci Decathalon and Tournament of Minds. These require students to work together and rely on teammates who have strengths in different areas in order to successfully complete their projects.

Recognising the impact of peer perception

Working with young adolescent boys, we are mindful of the importance of peer perceptions. Our academic support activities are carefully planned to create minimal social disruption. Unless special circumstances exist, learning support activities blend into the broader academic programme. These include an after-school Afternoon Learning Lab where all students can access individual support.