Our approach

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Drawing on more than 160 years of tradition and success, we have a contemporary outlook defined by excellence and inclusion.

Today we offer a broad and challenging curriculum, and a comprehensive co-curricular program, which encourages students to develop their own identities, strengths and pathways to achievement.

Achievement guided by purpose

We believe in building the capacity to seek understanding and achieve goals beyond standard measures. This is why we offer an approach to learning that educates the whole person, providing a rich learning environment that encourages academic, social, physical, emotional and spiritual growth.

As our students learn to value this deeper connection with knowledge, we intend for them to also grow a strong sense of moral purpose, guided by our School Values. These values aim to instill an appreciation of ‘giving back’ in each individual and an understanding of the many forms this can take throughout life.

Encouraging different learning paths

We are interested in what growth and success looks like for each individual. For students to successfully move along their own learning pathway, we recognise that our approach must be flexible and responsive to developmental stages and learning challenges.

We continuously encourage students to exceed others’ expectations – and their own expectations of themselves. Our task is to look at the combined skills and attributes of each student and ask: how far can this person reach?